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  4. no computer arrows pranav15 I guess its Daaaaaaaaark then.
  5. overlapping of pieces hanishburger1st do you ever find that when you calculate the actual positions of the p…
  6. no computer arrows Daaaaaaaark i aint got no computer arrows now i know what it feels like being bli…
  7. A draw is good for both players achja In a recent team match I managed to pull out a draw trick which I lear…
  8. Premove sequence blackzombie Premove was invented by psychic bullet players to win all time trouble…
  9. Smothered mate droceretik Yeah, that's the difference between my game and yours, that is, you re…
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  11. What is my style? todo_pro Thanks for the reply, guys!
  12. Premove sequence BlindfoldPlayer Hey guys, Is there any chance to enable a player to make a few premo…
  13. What is my style? Masquerade
  14. What is my style? Masquerade You are of the dynamic sort: Dynamic: Dynamic players a…
  15. Smothered mate acgusta2 Someone attempted and to perform this smothered mate on me once howeve…
  16. Why do people become strong ch… blackzombie bigblackboi, everyone isn't like you. :)
  17. Why do people become strong ch… bigblackboi To feed their egos? I assume majority of them play chess just because…
  18. Lichess Elimination Tournament magnusBlundersen make it a 1v1 tournament. just me and you. first to 1000 wins.
  19. What is my style? Neverness You're not the only one.
  20. Why do people become strong ch… blackzombie Or worse... They are addicted to this S*** :)
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