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  1. Chess website rankings Zugzwang69 to: rise_uied...Thanks for the link... I had no ideal that there are s […]
  2. Beginner: Help with a simple position Masquerade Thank you! I'll take a look at your links! :-)
  3. Under 2000 Tournaments Jaque_Mate I like berserk. Maybe for such tournaments the author can make it optional...?
  4. Beginner: Help with a simple position Jaque_Mate Hello, It may have been nice to know what was up in the last few m […]
  5. Beginner: Help with a simple position Masquerade My question concerns this position (viewed from black's perspective): […]
  6. Under 2000 Tournaments A65XE Can we setup tournaments: - only under 2000 rated players - no ber […]
  7. Please save tactics trainer history! n3utrino I've posted this before, but I would *love* if complete tactics traine […]
  8. Chess website rankings rise_UIED
  9. Watch International Events (Sugesstion) Usolando "Watch International Events" is too crowded with tournaments. There s […]
  10. Board Editor - Using More than one King fullarp There Should be full free use. It won't allow me to use more than 1 ki […]
  11. (Chess Variant) Angel Chess. guyza To rj, it is not mate as you can drop a piece in to block the mate. To […]
  12. Chess website rankings TheIceManV Can someone give me a link to a list of the top chess websites?
  13. Fabiano Caruana... neverbeenherebefore is now working with Lawrence Trent
  14. Sicilian Defence, McDonnell Attack mietk This opening is considered inferior for white. Black is supposed to ge […]
  15. No one ever won a game by resigning. seanysean #1 i came across the same puzzle too recently! i also new the answer w […]
  16. Sicilian Defence, McDonnell Attack NrkPE Hello guys, I've always struggled as black against early f4-push op […]
  17. No one ever won a game by resigning. zitterbart @thibault: Why not add this to the puzzles? :)
  18. No one ever won a game by resigning. zitterbart That's a nice one, Schultz.
  19. Partnership With FICS? Nocturnal420 Interesting. Thank you. I was reading through there and no ...other th […]
  20. No one ever won a game by resigning. Dr_King_Schultz That's why I always have a look at the last few moves in my correspond […]
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